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Bristol Program

The Bristol system represents another advancement in our software suite; designed specifically for our Ready-To-Hang (RTH) Kits. With this turn-key system,  our kits come pre-cut AND pre-shrunk with a serialized part number that is tracked, monitored, and automatically reported to select dealership management. The Bristol system is well suited for high volume dealerships that need to install a large number of units in a short amount of time and will help increase your customer service index. Because the kit is ready-to-install, the time it takes to train and install is greatly reduced. 

Kit Inventory Reporting

Track complete kits and even single windows with a personalized schedule

Personnel Tracking & Reporting

Track job completion, error and film cost data to maximize efficiency.

Order Management Reporting

Receive daily reports highlighting needed tools and kits for re-order.

Window Sticker Addendums

Printing Monroney sticker addendums for each installation ensures compliance with state regulations.

LeMans Program

If you can measure it you can manage it. The Le Mans system is great for any company profile. The Le Mans system lets you cut any vehicle template you desire on demand. A product of over 20 years of development, it not only controls our cutter, but also automatically tracks and reports all program operations. First to market, Le Mans is reliable, refined and the most competent cutting solution on the market.

Automated Template Updates

Your system will update nightly to provide the most current templates on the market.

Personnel & Labor Reporting

Track completion, error and cost data to maximize efficiency.

Inventory and Order Management

Track film usage & receive reports for needed tools and film for re-order.

Window Sticker Addendums

Printing Monroney sticker addendums for each installation ensures compliance with state regulations.

Professional Training

Each one of our training events feature the same video based curriculum. This yields consistent results for trainees. During our onsite training, each student will be trained by our full-time professional instructor in every aspect of installation including our software systems. Upon completion, the installer will have viewed over 25 video training modules. Also, they will have personally installed material on several vehicles under the instructor’s watchful eye.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors have decades of experiences in the fields of automotive film installation and training.

Video Based Training

Industry leading training films for all areas of automotive film installation.

On-going local support

Our certified instructors are available to schedule return trips to provide the support that you need and deserve.

Phone Support

Our highly skilled support staff is available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST to provide support if and when you need it.

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