Quarter/Fixed Preparation & Installation

Quarter Fixed Prep Install Tutorial

Clean surrounding door panel and rubber seals. Scrub glass and squeegee clean. Remove and discard clear liner while soaking template. Place template on window. Squeegee slip from template. Wick film edges using lint-free towel. 

Back Glass Installation

Backglass Install Tutorial

Mount template to outside of back glass. Remove and discard clear liner while soaking the entire template. Fold template and carry into car. Unfold template and place on glass. Set/Squeegee  “+” pattern. Squeegee from center out to edge in each section. Wick film edges dry. Clean and inspect. 

Back Glass Preparation

Backglass Preparation Tutorial

Remove headrests and slide front seats forward. Clean rear deck and surrounding B pillars. Mist window and scrub using white scrub pad. Squeegee from Left to Right. Soak window with DigiSlip. 

Front Roll-Up Installation

Front Roll Up Tint Installation Tutorial

Mount template to outside of glass.Remove and discard clear liner while soaking the window tint template. Place temple and set/squeegee top edge approximately 4 inches. Roll the window upPick up template and spray slip in a downward direction. Tuck template into bottom of window. Set/squeegee vertically down the middle of window.Squeegee remaining slip from template.  Wick edges of film using lint-free towel. Clean and inspect. 

Front Roll-Up Preparation

Front Roll Up Install Preparation Tutorial

Mist and clean outside of window.Mist and scrub inside of window.Squeegee window clean from front to rear of window. Re-mist window and roll down 2-3 inches.Scrub and squeegee clean.Clean door panelSoak window and flush sides.