About Us

DigiCut was founded in 1998 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s still our home, centrally and conveniently located to serve our customers.  We are unique in the industry because we not only provide the most advanced window film and paint protection film but we create Dealership-focused film cutting software to ensure efficiency and proficiency. 

Our Three Divisions

Software & Templates

DigiCut is the largest provider of computer controlled cutting systems in the industry. At its core, DigiCut is a creator of innovative software solutions and digital vehicle templates… 

Some may have bigger marketing budgets but none do a better job.


DigiCut is the largest producer of pre-cut, pre-shrunk automotive film kits in the nation. 

Services include custom conversion and packaging for both window tint and clear paint protection film.


There’s a lot more that goes into providing value than just lowering costs.

Finding a supplier that can deliver unique products, process them through independent quality control measures and deliver them before you need them… that’s special. 

To find out which program will suit you and your profit goals the best, contact your DigiCut representative for a free Profit Profile at your dealership.