DigiCut, isn’t just the first… it is the ONLY management software for installing automotive film. You may find other cutting solutions at a dealership but none can provide the oversight and accountability as does DigiCut. 

Process Controls

Our programs give you management oversight at all points in the film-installation process and align with dealership priorities such as:

Repair Orders, Interdepartmental Billing, Flag-hour plans and CSI goals.  

DigiCut automated reports inform managers on Labor Details, Inventory Consumption, Waste & Spoilage, Stock Alerts, and Profit Summaries.


The rule is: “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” Our tools provide you with a wealth of key data down to the square inch. Keep your operation running at peak efficiency through remote management tools.



Installation efficiency is enhanced by showing the rate at which material is applied by each installer.  The system automatically reveals waste and spoilage and deters theft.  As a standard feature the program provides job detail reports, installer proficiency reports and corporate summaries for Auto Groups.


Did you know every state has different laws concerning tint darkness? DigiCut keeps your organization compliant with state regulations and prevents illegal tint from being installed. 

Addendum Printing

Modify and print vehicle addendums with your branding to include details and value of auto tint and paint protection films you add prior to selling the vehicle.  

To find out which program will suit you and your profit goals the best, contact your DigiCut representative for a free Profit Profile at your dealership.