DigiTint Window Film

Created with Protection & Elegance in mind

Window Tint Film

There’s more to Window tint than simply making your windows darker. It’s about giving your car a distinctive style, additional comfort and added privacy. Our films are available in multiple VLT’s (Visible Light Transmission “Darkness”). Manufacturers always advertise their new models with tinted windows. Window film makes every car look better. 

DigiTint Window Film

Color Stable

Color Stable Technology means there is no chance your tine will fade or turn purple for the life of the product.

Glare Reduction

Harsh glare from direct or reflecting sun light is greatly reduced allowing you to focus on getting to your destination safely.

Safety & Privacy

In case of glass breakage, window tint will hold the glass together in an accident while simultaneously providing an extra layer of privacy for you and your belongings.

Ultra Violet Filtering

Over 99% Ultra Violet transmittance means that you are protected from the suns harmful radiation.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our films come with a national lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Nano Black Window Tint Film

Nano Black [NB]

Filtering the infrared (IR) portion of the light spectrum, Nano Black utilizes the nano particles contained in multiple film layers raising the mark for high heat rejection. In today’s exotic film market,
this technology provides superior performance.

Available VLT

20%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 86%

Solar Heat Gain

Infrared heat blocking of up to 88%

Factory Tinted Windows

Now available in an 86% VLT, offering a heat reduction film without darkening the windows.

Carbon Enhanced [CE]

Our CE film is an extruded non-metallic 1.5 mil polyester film with an advanced adhesive designed specifically for automotive glass. Since it’s non-metallic, it won’t block or disrupt radio, GPS, or cell phone signals. The deep, carbon enhanced color is formulated to closely match factory tinted windows from most manufacturers.

CE Window Film

Available V.L.T

5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 57%

​Solar Energy

Total solar energy rejection rate of up to 42%

Clear glass - no tint
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