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Window tint frequently asked questions

At this time we’ve chosen to only offer kits for vehicles that were current during the last five years. This ensures that all of our available tint kits are available pre-shrunk whenever applicable. In addition to what you currently see in the store, we have an extensive array of kits available in our library going back to the early 90s.

Visible Light Transmittance. This is a measure of the amount of light that passes through a substrate. For example: a 35% VLT film will be able to transmit 35% of visible light through the film. Glass in todayʼs vehicles typically will measure between 70% to 75% VLT with no tint even installed. This means that if your stateʼs law says you have to be at 35% NET you must combine the film and glass measurement together. If your glass meters at 75% and you install a 35% film on this window, it will meter a little over 26% after installation, making it illegal. In this specific example, youʼd need a 50% Film VLT to comply with your state. Weʼve seen some factory glass meter as low as 70% all the way up to 81% in some cases. If you require assistance with this selection, please let us know in the Notes when placing your order or via the contact us form.

Unlike many other vendors of window tint kits, Digicut Systems manufactures ready-to-install window tint kits and supporting supplies which has allowed us to devote 100% of our energy on perfecting these products. We have become extremely effective at offering the highest quality products to our customers for 20 years and now direct to you.

The box will include all the windows for your vehicle in one box designed specifically for your car. If you order our installation tool kit, it will be tucked neatly inside the tube.

We do not keep an inventory of kits in a warehouse. We custom manufacture each kit to order by using modern just-in-time manufacturing methods. Orders are shipped within three days of receipt and it is possible that it could even ship on the same day. If unforeseen questions arise, we will contact you for clarification prior to production. We would rather delay the process than ship you a kit that wonʼt meet your needs.

Some states allow coverage down to the AS1 line on your windshield, while others require it be at various lengths measured from the top of the windshield. As a result, offering a visor that would comply in all 50 states is just not something weʼve chosen to provide.

You may encounter some resistance from your local tint shop because they would rather sell you their own film at a tidy profit. Most local tint shops that try our kits end up pleasantly surprised at how much time, effort, and energy is saved. Typically, a professional installer would be able to install a four door sedan in less than forty-five minutes.

Most professional installers will tell you that you need to wait three days to roll your windows down after installing window film. While that is not a bad idea, sometimes it just isnʼt feasible. The advanced adhesive technology in our film will allow you to roll down your windows in less than 24 hours. This also assumes youʼve followed our directions on mixing the DigiSlip solution.

This really depends on your personal preferences. We offer tint in shades including 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 57% and 86%. We advise that you consult your local legal tint requirements when making decisions regarding the darkness of your tint. For a visual example, try our tint darkness experiment tool here.

All of our products are shipped via UPS Ground.

Yes, ammonia based cleaners are chemically abrasive and can penetrate the polyester layers and degrade the window film over time. Non-Ammonia glass cleaners are acceptable and recommended.

DigiTint is a non-metalized film so there is no worry about it effecting radio, gps, or other signals inside your car.

Nano is our high heat rejection film that is designed to reject the infrared (IR) portion of the light spectrum. Nano utilizes the nano ceramic particles contained in multiple film layers to raise the benchmark for high heat rejection in todayʼs exotic film market. It is technology that provides superior performance with no sacrifice.

Federal law says that your third brake light must be visible to traffic behind you, so covering it could result in some legal trouble down the road. Your best bet is leave it uncovered. The good news is that there are some vehicles that make installing window film over the third brake light impossible, while others are easily tinted without ever covering the third brake light. We offer kits to accommodate not covering the light, where applicable. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact us and ask which version you need.

DigiCut Systems warrants DigiTint brand automotive type window film to the original purchaser for the lifetime of the vehicle against peeling, cracking, delamination, and adhesive failure.

DigiFilm has an adhesive on one side once you peel the liner you are exposing this adhesive to the open air and everything that is flying around in that air.  So yes, it can be done.  But…It is not recommended.  For the cleanest possible install, we recommend that you install it inside a well lit garage that is free of air movement.

Believe it or not, yes. When our template designers develop a new vehicle, they spend hours assessing how much curve is present in each glass. This is not an easy process by any means. It has taken us years to figure out the science behind molding window film to each and every vehicle in our template library. With incredible skill and industry leading technology, we have the ability to send each vehicle you see in our library directly to you already custom molded to fit your specific windows. With the pre-cut and now pre-shrunk kit, your window tint comes all together in one box and ready to install.

The legal darkness will vary from state to state and rarely in a local area. There some states that are obviously not fans of window tint and show it by their laws. Please make sure you visit to verify you are ordering the proper darkness for the state where you live. There are currently no states that will allow you to install tint on your windshield legally, except in some cases with a medical exemption. Compliance with legal tint laws is your responsibility. In addition to the legal ramifications, when you install film that is too dark you also run the risk of injury to yourself or others by limiting visibility out of your vehicle.

DigiFilm automotive window film does include a layer that filters out 99% of all UVA and UVB rays.  This in combination with the protection that is in your glass, should keep you safe from those harmful rays. 

Over the years weʼve seen many hand cut window tint jobs that you can immediately tell were just that, hand cut. Weʼve seen windows that have been scratched, damaged rubber seals, and even personal injuries caused by using razor blades on vehicles. With a precision computer assisted cut, youʼll always get clean consistent radius on each of the corners, you wonʼt have to worry about having a special cutting table, or spending your valuable time and money on re-cutting mistakes. Weʼve done all of that for you.

The reason that window film turns purple is because the dyes used to produce the appearance of window tint include yellow, red, and blue dye. When exposed to the sun, the yellow dye is usually the first dye to begin to fade which leaves you with a mixture of red and blue, appearing purple. Our window tint film is what is known in the industry as an extruded film. This means that the dye is forced deep into the polyester substrate thereby making it less susceptible to fading.

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Paint Protection Film frequently asked questions

Our library of available kits for various body parts is extensive and far exceeds what we currently offer in our store. We’ve selected what we currently offer based upon installation requirements and the age of the vehicle. Generally speaking, it is best to install paint protection film on a vehicle when it is newer versus older. If you don’t see the vehicle or a kit you are interested in just make your request on the contact us form and we will be glad to assist you.

DigiShield is a Paint Protection Film that was designed to take the place of the black leather or vinyl bras of the 80’s and 90’s. Since it is adhered to the paint, it does not have to be removed and cleaned separately, just wash and wax your vehicle as usual. Paint Protection Film is intended to provide sacrificial protection for the finish of an automobile. Our HDX film utilizes an advanced topcoat combined with UV protection providing maximum protection and increased durability.

Not necessarily.  The only thing we suggest you pay attention to is the edges of the film when you are waxing your car.  This is because dried wax tends to build up on the edges and is difficult to remove, so try to stay away from the edges of the film when waxing your vehicle. 

Just as wax is good for your paint, it is also good for your Paint Protection Film.  It helps when removing bugs and stains, minimizes mineral deposits, and improves water shedding.  Just remember to stay away from the edges of the film when applying so it doesn’t build up on the edges and turn white. 

DigiShield is specifically designed for new vehicles and should only be applied to factory paint. Over our twenty years of experience, weʼve had a few customers install paint protection on re-painted body panels only to find that occasionally when removing DigiShield it also removed the paint. This may be due to insufficient cure time for the paint or inadequate preparation. If you insist on putting paint protection on, it is recommended that you wait at least 90 days to apply paint protection to any body panel that was recently painted.

Random Orbital buffers only.  The heat generated from a high-speed buffer could burn through the film ruining your DigiShield.

DigiShield has an adhesive on one side by peeling the liner you are exposing this adhesive to the open air and everything that is flying around in that air.  So yes, it can be done.  But…It is not recommended.  For the cleanest possible install, we recommend that you install it inside a well lit garage that is free of air movement

Because of the texture of carbon fiber or matte finished paints, the DigiShield will not adhere to it long term.  For this reason, we do not develop templates or recommend installing paint protection film on those finishes. 

DigiShield is removable.  Simply grab a corner of a template and pull it off.  We find that pulling it toward yourself essentially stretching it off yields the best results and tends to leave less adhesive behind.

DigiShield is optically clear once installed on your vehicle.  If you look closely you will see an edge of the film that might be exposed, otherwise it will blend in with your paint.

Automatic car washes typically do not cause any problems.  The only problems that we’ve experienced is the weekend warrior type of person that owns a 3,000 psi pressure washer using it to wash their vehicle.  High pressure power washers do have the capability of catching an edge and could damage the film.  Use caution and common sense.

We suggest using only automotive car wash soaps.  These are designed to clean but not remove any wax you may have applied.  The use of dishwashing soaps is not recommended  because they tend to remove waxes and any other sealants that you may have applied.

Federal regulations state that when activated in a steady burning state, headlamps shall not have any styling ornament or other feature, such as a translucent cover or grill, in front of the lens. Since it is not legal on a federal level, we choose not to produce them.

Our advanced top coat acts as a UV protectant to minimize any yellowing of the film.  Our warranty covers it from yellowing, cracking, peeling.

A common household degreaser like Formula 409 does well at releasing bug stains.  Simply let it soak for a bit before washing the car and they come right off.  Combine this with a fresh coat of wax and they will fall right off.

Since our film has such an extraordinary healing ability, simply pour some hot water over the scratches and watch them heal themselves.

Our patterns are created to precisely fit your vehicle. No trimming is needed.

A general purpose adhesive remover that is safe for automotive paint can be purchased at any local auto parts store. 

Anything colder than 65˚ F and warmer than 90˚ F will make installation a little more difficult.  It is still possible, but be aware that colder temperatures make the film difficult to stretch and warmer temperatures make the film too tacky. 

ShieldScreen Faq

Touchscreen Protection Film frequently asked questions

Similar to the screen protector on your mobile device, ShieldScreen is an optically clear polyester based film designed specifically to protect your vehicleʼs infotainment touchscreen from scratches, scuffs, and spills.

In some vehicles we have found that there are multiple screen options that are available for your vehicle.  If you received more than one, this simply means that we know there are different size infotainment screens available for your vehicle.  Since there is not an elegant way to know which one you have, we’ve included all the known options for your convenience.  Simply choose the proper size and install.

No, we donʼt make protectors for instrument clusters or non-touchscreen infotainment units. This is because ShieldScreen is not able to be installed on some of those curved surfaces. We specifically design our ShieldScreen for those touchscreens that require a physical touch to perform their designated function.

Yes, just grab a corner and pull slowly just like you would for the screen protector on your mobile device.

Yes, we have found that ShieldScreen enhances the touch feature on most infotainment units.

We recommend a clean, dry cloth or if necessary a non-ammonia cleaner to remove any smudges or fingerprints that are left behind.

DigiCut Direct warrants ShieldScreen brand automotive touchscreen protection film to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects including yellowing, cracking, or peeling for four years from the date of purchase.

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