The Monroney Saver

Protects from the elements

Monroney Savers are made of tough clear vinyl that is weather resistant and mounted to the outside of the vehicle. This ensures that the sticker is visible to the potential buyers and that the dealership is compliant with federal regulations.

Windows can be rolled down

Monroney Savers are self-adhesive which effectively laminates the sticker directly to the outside of the vehicle. Therefore, the windows can be lowered and raised normally without damaging the sticker.

Extra space for addendums

Monroney Savers have space to mount the OEM sticker as well as an addendum in one unit. The Duo version provides two pieces. One for the OEM Sticker and a separate, smaller piece for the addendum. The Duo option may be preferable for some smaller windows.


Once the vehicle is purchased, the Monroney Saver can be easily and cleanly removed in one piece. Simply folding the edges once creates a laminated version of the sticker for the customer’s records.

Windows can be tinted

Because the stickers are mounted to the outside surface of the window, they can be tinted without sacrificing the visibility of important information shown on the sticker.

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