ShieldScreen Preparation & Installation


  • Clean screen and surrounding trim with Prep solution and microfiber towel.
  • Wipe display screen with lint free cloth to remove any last lint particles.


  • Mist slip solution only on Screen protector Film using “fine mist” spray bottle.
  • Do not touch the adhesive on the Shield screen. Apply the supplied pieces of tape to top of ShieldScreen folding over at printed lines.  This will create handles for you to then remove the ShieldScreen from the liner.
  • Place ShieldScreen template on screen and line up accordingly. 
  • Wrap 3 inch yellow turbo with lint free towel.
  • Squeegee out excess solution.
  • Remove tape “handles” being careful not to pull Screen Protector Film off. 
  • Clean any remaining finger prints with damp microfiber from step 1. 

ShieldScreen Removal

  • Start removal process at any corner of the screen.
  • Pull film slowly from display.
  • Clean any remaining finger prints with prep solution.

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