ShieldScreen Install tutorial


  • Clean screen and surrounding trim with Prep solution and microfiber towel.
  • Wipe display screen with lint free cloth to remove any last lint particles.


  1. Mist slip solution only on Screen protector Film using “fine mist” spray bottle.
  2. Do not touch the adhesive on the Shield screen. Apply the supplied pieces of tape to top of ShieldScreen folding over at printed lines.  This will create handles for you to then remove the ShieldScreen from the liner.  
  3. Place ShieldScreen template on screen and line up accordingly. 
  4. Wrap 3 inch yellow turbo with lint free towel.
  5. Squeegee out excess solution.
  6. Remove tape “handles” being careful not to pull Screen Protector Film off. 
  7. Clean any remaining finger prints with damp microfiber from step 1. 

ShieldScreen Removal Instructions


  1. Start removal process at any corner of the screen.
  2. Pull film slowly from display.
  3. Clean any remaining finger prints with prep solution.

Touchscreen displays are the automotive interface of the future… here today. Many new automobiles are already equipped with these advanced digital control interfaces. Some vehicles incorporate more than one, to provide control and feedback for all manner of automobile systems.

As you might expect, these touchscreens are vital to the safe and effective operation of the vehicle. They are also costly and worthy of protection considering their cost and essential duties. In the normal course of their use these components are exposed to a variety of hazards such as jewelry, fingernails, and even the oils on our fingertips. Though these threats may seem small, the risk of harm posed to these displays is worthy of respect. They are worth protecting to ensure their functionality. Introducing ShieldScreen, our touchscreen protection film.

The protective barrier provided by ShieldScreen forms the ultimate barrier or shield to protect your display surfaces. One thing to keep in mind is that in the most severe cases the film acts as a self-sacrificing layer of protection and can be easily replaced.

You’ll need some skills and the right attitude. Some of this you were born with, while some you’ve accumulated throughout your life by being a doer instead of a watcher. Are you good with your hands? Can you follow clearly presented directions? Can you walk and chew gum? Think about it… you probably know some who can’t. But if you can, we’ll provide you with the specialized information you need with video demonstrations and illustrated written details that will help you succeed.

If it weren’t already apparent we are only protecting the displays that function as touchscreens. Since these are designed to be touched they are exposed to risks that other displays in your vehicle are not.

Over twenty years ago when we were starting out in a garage, we were blazing a trail and learning the lessons that benefit us so much today. Learning the best way to create our template library was one of the critical first steps in becoming the organization we are today. Over time we developed written standards and specifications for how to make the best templates. Those early templates that didn’t measure up were refined or remade so that our entire library of 120,000 and counting represent the highest professional standards. Of note… we make all of our own templates. We don’t accept submissions of unknown or otherwise questionable quality. In short, there is little or nothing that can be done downstream to fix a problem caused by poor template design… so we just don’t let that happen.

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